Thursday, February 23, 2012


Thank you for all of your comments on this series. We are so glad you are enjoying hearing about the process we use to design. There are many different ways to design. For instance you have designers who research the history of quilting and they sometimes find antique fabrics and actually send a scrap to the printing plants for that fabric to be reproduced. There have been antique quilts that are sent to the plants to have entire collections reproduced.  Some of the contemporary new designs are very graphic and can be created on computers. Our designs are drawn as you saw in Part II.

After we have decided on the specific designs, the scale sizes and the color for each design, the painting phase begins. As we told you in Part II we do all our prints first in black and white as you see in the first image. Each one is transfered onto a heavier crescent board using believe it or not good old fashion carbon paper (image 2). Once the design is copied onto the board, the background is painted. The elements in our designs are left white so that the background color will not bleed through and distort the color of the elements. Then those elements are painted last, as you can see in the last image, that process is repeated for each color variation of that design. This print is from a previous line. Next and the last part of this series will take you on the final process and where it goes upon completion of our part.  Tune in 
                                      Until then  Eileen & Lynn