Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Holidays!

From our family to yours, we hope you have a blessed and wonderful holiday filled with laughter, cheer, and love.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sneak Peek!! Lady Slipper Lodge

That's right, you get the sneak peek of Lady Slipper Lodge, releasing this Spring. As always Doug Leko has done an amazing job showing off this wonderful line. It features rich purples, soft greens, delicate pinks, and sugary creams. To describe the inspiration for this line:

Don't you love the early summer. On one of those beautiful sunny warm days, on a spur of the moment we decide to pack an overnight bag, jump in the car and head north to the lakes. We are not even sure where we are headed but it doesn't matter. We spend the day driving through the back roads stopping at every lake we find. By late afternoon we start looking for lodging,  we spot a small sign "Lady Slipper Lodge". We turn down the drive and to our amazement it is lined with beautiful wild flowers among them stands the majestic lady slipper by the hundreds, we have never seen so many in one place.  The lodge was so quaint and inviting we know we have found a treasure and  a wonderful place we will visit in the years to come.

Now if that doesn't give you nostalgia, these photos will surely get you excited!

These amazing designs will be featured in Antler Quilt Designs new book coming out in January of 2015, called Grand Portage, Yes, it is just as wonderful as Through the Winter Woods 

In the meantime, Holly Taylor is working away to bring you more of what you love. We would love to hear from you. Find us and like us on facebook.

Until next time, may all of your bobbins be full and your pins right where you left them. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Timber Trail Flannels

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better after Through the Winter Woods, have you seen Timber Trail Flannels? Talk about cozy! It was recently shipped to your favorite quit shop, go check it out! You will be glad you did and imagine the wonderful things you can make for Fall (this or you know, the next with all the other projects you have going on), but get it while you can!

These next pieces are my personal favorite :)

How awesome, right? Imagine them in flannel! I just want to wrap up in an entire bolt and sit outside watching the leaves fall (in a few months of course, I'm not ready to say goodbye to Summer just yet!) Read the funniest thing today, if I stitch fast enough it can be considered cardio right? my answer? Absolutely! That and pushing my luck has certainly helped me keep the pounds off, I'm sure of it!

And look for the next line coming soon, Turning Leaves. Keep a close eye on our blog, we will be releasing those images soon :)

Also, we are looking for contest ideas and want to hear from you! What kind of contests would you like to see Holly Taylor host?

We hope everyone is having a fabulous Summer!

Until next time, May your bobbins always be full and your pins right where you left them :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Quilt Market and Through the Winter Woods, do you have it yet?

That's right, do you have it yet? If not, why not? Get it while the gettin's good. This fabulous line won't be around long, especially with the awesome selling book by Doug Leko.

Here is what is available in this stunning line :

All of this wonderfulness is available NOW in your favorite quilt shop!

AND in other exciting news, the always wonderful Quilt Market will be happening this weekend! We are jealous if you are one of the lucky people going this weekend! Please be sure to stop by and say hi to Doug, take a picture with him and and share it with Moda at AND get on facebook and twitter using #quiltmarket and my favorite #showmethemoda, share your exciting updates! don't have a camera? word on the street is Moda will have a photo booth, who doesn't love a good photo op? If you get any really good pics we would love to see and share them as well, be sure to email them to us at (Psssst, Holly Taylor will have TWO new lines showcasing at Quilt Market, Turning Leaves and North Country Batiks (who doesn't love Batiks?) they will be delivering this Fall, make sure you go get a sneak peek!)

Seriously, why are you still reading this? Get out and get your stuff for those awesome projects, if you already have your supplies, get to work! :) and don't forget to take pics, there will be some exciting contests by Holly Taylor coming soon. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Through the Winter Woods Part 2!

Because you were not already excited enough! I know, I know, what could be better than what we have already shared? Now that I have you on the edge of your seat, the suspense is finally over, I come bearing pictures! yay! Here are some pics to get you even more excited for the lines release, which is happening very soon!
If you haven't already picked up your book, boy are you missing out! Doug Leko's book is available now, he was kind enough to share a few images of the projects with me.

The Cover
Doug's bio
Want to see more? Just ask! Yes, I'm hoarding them :) Or better yet, go pick your book up so you are ready with project needs when the line comes out
In other news, here is the montage we made for the Jolly Jabber, look for that exclusive interview with Eileen soon
Here is a sneak peek of some of the pieces
yes we will be sharing more soon :) How many projects do you already have made in your head? Talk about springing into projects! If you are like me, you get a little over ambitious with the craft projects every Spring, but if you are like me you know something special like this is only available for a limited time (how many times have you waited to buy something to think about, then go back and it's gone?!? Total bummer, don't let that be you with this line). 

Friday, April 18, 2014

"Through the Winter Woods" part one

Part One? yep, you read right! We will be getting everyone excited and all revved up for "Through the Winter Woods" over the next couple weeks, because you weren't already excited enough right?

This gal had a wonderful opportunity to not only speak with, but interview Doug Leko, founder of Antler Quilt Design, whose new book "Through the Winter Woods" is not a name coincidence with this line :) Doug's book contains a very interesting bio, it talks about how he started quilting at the age of six! (I don't know many of us can say that!) He established Antler Quilt Design at the age of 14 in 2008 (talk about an entrepreneur, I know I could probably get a few pointers from him).  Working in his mom's shop has helped him refine his skills, both technical and creative. His work has been published in prominent publications and he enjoys teaching at quilting events.

I spoke with Eileen about how Holly Taylor and Doug Leko became a thing. She told me about how through her job as a sales rep across Minnesota and all of it's surrounding states is what inspired her to create Holly Taylor and how it continued to develop. When calling on a newer shop in Blaine, Minnesota, Eileen was greeted by a polite young boy who proceeded to show his mother Elaine which fabrics he liked. "He was interested in everything, even new notions and what designers I knew. I was amazed at his knowledge at the young age of 12. Over the next 3 or 4 years we became good friends. He would sometimes even stay home from school if he knew I was coming. He was so far ahead of his class already. It was so much fun and after a few years he was doing most of the fabric buying. He taught classes in his mom's shop and soon was writing his own patterns. He loved working with the woodsy Holly Taylor Fabric Lines and named his pattern company Antler Quilt Design. I am so proud of you Doug Leko. Every time I would leave the shop I said the same words to him, 'Someday I will be able to say I knew you when, because you will be famous in the quilt world.' Doug now has a booth at every Quilt Market and teaches all over the country which is why I asked him to do a book for our new Christmas line called “Through the Winter Woods."

Awww, talk about a feel good story. I proceeded to ask Doug some questions of my own, wanting to know more about the book and his future plans...

Have you always been drawn to the north woods feel?
Yes, I have always loved the north woods! I think that living in MN and growing up here doing things outdoors we grow to love the north woods.
When did you create Antler Quilt Design?
I created AQD in 2008, after Eileen encouraged me to design some quilts that were unique and different than the rest.
How did you meet Eileen?
I met Eileen when my mom and I had a quilt shop and she was the sales rep for Moda/United Notions.
What was your first impression about Holly Taylor?
First impression was love at first sight; I was drawn towards it from the very first time I was in a quilt shop.
Where do you see Holly Taylor going?
I see HT keeping on the same feel and path that they have been on for so many years, but just upping their ideas and designs to make them more unique and coming up with ideas that we haven't seen before.
Do you see yourself continuing with your company as your primary career after high school?
I will continue my designs, but I will have a career in something that will pay the bills. I love the designing and traveling and being creative.
Do you have future plans for Antler Quilt Design that you are willing to share?
I don’t know…
Besides Holly Taylor, who is your next favorite designer?
Primitive Gatherings, Lisa Bongean
If you had more time, what type of project would you have liked to make with "Through the Winter Woods?"
Maybe some other patterns that use more pre-cuts, I have 6 new patterns for Spring 2014 market and they all use pre-cuts, so next year’s book will have several pre-cut friendly projects.
Do you think despite this being a Christmas line that it will work as a year-round line?
Yes, I believe that all the projects in the book would look great no matter the time of year.
Is the book available for sale now?
Yes, Check your local quilt shop or head on over to the Fat Quarter to buy your book.
What challenges did you face getting the book ready?
The proofing and making sure that there are not any errors.
What are you most excited about with "Through the Winter Woods" book?
The projects that are in the book, I think that they showcase the line very well. One of my favorites from the book is Starry Night.

Want to know more? Pick up his book, available in your favorite quilt shop! Continue to watch the blog, tweets, facebook posts, and any other social media outlet for what is coming next with Holly Taylor and "Through the Winter Woods."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Have you seen Woodland Summer?

Hey everyone! We hope Spring is treating you well! Kind of funny to be excited during such a dreary time before the blooms start budding and everything dries out. I know I could certainly do without all the mud and cold wind.

Good news for you happy quilters looking to break the cabin fever and embrace Spring- Woodland Summer shipped this week! Have you seen it yet in your favorite shop? Get out there and go check it out. It is definitely something to look forward to while we wait for this Spring to actually look like a Spring.

Other exciting news, we had an interview with the talented and wonderful Doug Leko, talked about his company, inspirations, and his new book! I will have that up on the blog soon :) And the best part- This book is "Through the Winter Woods", the book is available now, the line will be available in May. Also, we were contacts by the Jolly Jabber to answer some interview questions ourselves, so look for us soon on the Jolly Jabber blog by fat quarter shop :)

Don't forget to check us out on facebook (Holly Taylor Designs the page not the person), twitter (@HollyTaylorModa), and instagram, working on pinterest and a couple other exciting things. If there is somewhere else you would like to see us active on, just leave a comment :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Woodland Summer

Well we are off to a good start! Holly Taylor is on Facebook, Instagram (hollytaylordesigns or look us up by email, twitter @HollyTaylorModa, Pinterest by email, and it's only Monday :) Who knows what other shenanigans we can get into. We are looking for your input! What contests do you want to see? What giveaways do you like?

Ok, on to the good stuff! Woodland Summer is the new line coming out in April, so be on the look-out for it. This charming line was inspired by a trip Eileen took:
"While visiting the butterfly gardens at the Omaha Zoo, I sat on on bench as all types of butterflies landed on my shirt. It was so calming and I felt as one with nature. It inspired me to learn a little more about the butterflies in the state of Minnesota only to discover we were on a direct flight for them on there way to Mexico. As sure as the mighty Mississippi starts as a babbling brook in northern Minnesota the Monarch comes out of Canada and follows its path for a short distance.  The burst of Spring colors and the beautiful butterflies were the inspiration for "Woodland Summer". We hope you like the brighter palette we have used on this collection."

Are you as excited to see it as we were designing it? Check it out on Facebook or Instragram. If you don't have either, let us know in the comments and we will get it up on here :) Remember to look for it in April (pictures never do it justice). The most exciting part? It is also releasing with a line of beautiful Batiks.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Who knew being social was this much work? As Eileen and Lynn gear up for what is arguably one of their best lines yet, the social media part of business is being outsourced. OUTSOURCED?? YEP! By none other the red hair extraordinaire Nicole, Eileen's granddaughter. Many of you have met me :) I will be working with Eileen and Lynn to try to keep the adoring fans updated on the wonderful things Holly Taylor is up to. I am not a blogger, nor do I pretend to be on TV, but I will try and I am a quick study, but please bear with me as I create a little dust and burn out a light bulb or two (I knew I smelled smoke) trying to revamp the social media presence of Holly Taylor. I would love to hear what you, yes you, would like to see in the blog. I know I am biting off more than I can chew (does anyone know the Heimlich?), but the plan is for a facebook business page (find us: Holly Taylor Designs the page, not the person), Instagram (eventually), Twitter (tomorrow?), Pinterest (up next), and any other crazy ideas you wonderful fans would like to see Holly Taylor involved in. Please let me know what you would like to see and where :)