Sunday, March 11, 2012


 Greetings,      This will be our final post for the design series. We appreciate all of you who have been interested in this and who have taken the time to e mail us. We sincerely hope you have enjoyed the series.
      It is time for us to finish our line and we have been busy painting all of the designs. We paint a large repeat of each design, then a smaller chip usually only a two inch square of the other colors we want that print to be in.   

Next we assemble all the pages with the artwork and label them carefully. We also have to come up with names for each print and each color which is sometimes a challenge in itself.

It's time to wrap up this package and get it to UPS for overnight delivery.  We try to present it in a story and make it as attractive as possible. It now goes to the hands of Cheryl Freydberg, she is Vice President of Design for Moda Fabrics. There isn't a yard of Moda fabrics you see that does not meet with her approval. She will critique the entire package we have sent. Sometimes it is all perfect and she can notify the mills and send it off for production, other times she will find an error we have made in a panel layout or a color she thinks might work better from a past line. She travels to the mills twice a year to assure that Moda's quality standards are continuing to be upheld.  Below we have attached a video link which shows you what happens at the mills once it leaves Cheryl's hands. We hope you enjoy watching it.

                                                                    Until next time,  Eileen & Lynn